Tattooing Supplies

Tattooing Supplies

Tattoo parlors and tattoo artists use a wide selection of tattoo supplies to ensure getting their job  done to the best of their ability. While tattooing can be done with as little as a needle and pen ink, or in ancient cultures, natural pigments and a sharp tooth, these methods can be unsafe, more painful and produce lower quality results. Here are some of the many tattoo supplies that are necessary for the tattooing process.

Tattoo machines

Tattoo machines, often called tattoo guns, are the actual devices that enable a tattoo artist to perform his craft. There are many different components to a tattoo machine. These include the tattoo needles themselves, which are soldered onto the needle tube, which is where the tattoo artist holds the tattoo machine. Tattoo machines are connected to a power source which regulates the amount of power it receives and a foot pedal to turn that tattoo machine on and off.

Tattoo inks

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Autoclaves, sterilization equipment and medical supplies

These are essential tattoo supplies for every legitimate tattoo parlor. An autoclave is a device that sterilizes and cleans equipment such as the needle tubes using high pressure and steam. Once needles have been used once there should be a designated hazards bin, often very similar to those in a medial office, where they are placed and disposed of. 

Other sterilization tattoo supplies that you will see include rubbing alcohol and liquid soaps that should be applied to your skin in the area that will be tattooed. Additionally, basic medical kits fall into the range of basic tattoo supplies that should be available. These include gauze and bandages for taking care of your tattoo once it is finished, gloves to be worn during the tattooing process, as well as other disinfectants, lubricants and cleaners.

These include only a portion of the tattoo supplies that every tattoo parlor will have on hand. Unless you have all of these items at your disposal (or if you do but are still untrained in the art) it is of course unwise to try to perform a tattoo on yourself. Without all of these tattoo supplies, and others, such as an ultrasonic, the tattooing process can be painful and dangerous.



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