Should Restaurants be Required to List Calories and Fat Grams on their Menus – Yes

Should Restaurants be Required to List Calories and Fat Grams on their Menus – Yes

Yes, restaurants should indeed be required to list calories and grams of fat on their menus. Unfortunately, in today’s world the goal for almost all businesses now is to make as much money as possible while spending as little as possible with absolutely no regard for the ultimate results for their customers.

That’s not to say that making a profit is bad but there are many companies that play games with what they sell. If you are in a chain restaurant and you order a cheeseburger that claims to be 80/20 lean, there is a fairly good chance that it is actually 70/30 or perhaps even 60/40. There is nothing wrong with those mixes but the ones with more fat cost less so if you claim 80/20 but are actually using 60/40 you can charge a bit more for something that you are actually paying less for and you are also giving your customer a great deal more fat than they might believe they are getting.

Many people may not look at the information but today most will. And it would also be a great idea for the Health Department to send undercover agents in to purchase food and test it against what is claimed in the menu. There are entirely too many people who will lie in a heartbeat in order to make money at any cost.

Now, all of the above being said, I am not saying that every single restaurant out there is lying to its customers. In many cases, they may be taking the word of their distributors. The distributors should also be placing health information on their containers so if  restaurant gets in trouble for not being accurate they can show the documentation from the distributor and that way things can go back to the person who is actually at fault.

This is something that is not going to happen easily. It will require an enormous amount of grass roots organization to get laws such as this passed. So many of today’s politicians are in the pockets of the large corporations that laws such as this will be fought very strongly even though they make perfect sense and there is no good reason anywhere in the world to not pass these laws.

So, yes, restaurants should absolutely be required to show calories and fat content on their menus.



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