Should cell phones be banned in restaurants – no

Should cell phones be banned in restaurants – no

Should cell phones be banned in restaurants? Well lets just take a quick look at the facts. First of all why was the cell phone invented? The whole reason for its being is to make life easier for people in order to keep in communication with other people without the hassle of trying to find a pay phone or staying in the office. There is its whole reason for being, its a mobile communications device.

Restaurants have no right to ban the use of cell phones by their customers. Let’s first of all create a scenario to improve our argument. A husband and wife goes to one of their most fancied restaurants on their anniversary, enjoying their night. Meanwhile on the other side of town, a young teenager is driving along the road when an 18 wheeler smashes into his vehicle. The teenager is critically wounded and is rushed to the hospital, doctors place him on life support almost instantly. But through their expertise they know that this boy will be dead within an hour’s time. Trying their utmost best to track the number of the boys’ parents down, they end up calling their house number. Where unfortunately no answer is to be found, desperately as a last resort they phone their cell phone number, but due to it being banned in restaurants the happy couple was forced to leave it at home. Finally giving up hope of trying to contact the parents, they boy passes away at 23:00 hours.

Now if cell phones were not banned in restaurants, the cell phone would have been taken along. If this was the case the doctors would have been able to reach the parents to tell them of the horrible accident and to inform them that they have to rush over to the hospital to say their goodbyes.

What is my point? Cell phones can be lifesavers in emergency situations, lets also remember that fact, hence the reason why they should never be banned.



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