Safely Shipping Cheesecake

Safely Shipping Cheesecake

Shipping a Cheesecake

A gift of a homemade cheesecake offers a baker to give a gift of them.  If you live in the same town you can carry the cheesecake in a cake carrier, but if you want to mail or ship a solvable solution exists.

Extra Gift

You can give an extra gift with a cheesecake if you might want to encourage the person to start making cheesecake for themselves. You purchase a spring load pan or a simple tart pan. You than wrap the pan and cheesecake with stretch wrap and maybe add the recipe if you are willing to share the recipe.  These additions give an additional gift but you might want to just send a cheesecake.  You can prepare the cheesecake for shipping with care.

Supplies Needed

You will need to purchase a few items that are readily available from a craft store in the cake decorating department. You need a cardboard cake round flexible cardboard and stretch wrap.  You are actually going to build a cardboard pan for the cheesecake. While preparing the cheese cake you prepare the cheesecake on an additional oven safe bottom of a cheesecake pan.  The secondary bottom enables you to remove the cheesecake from the pan and place the cake on the cardboard cake round.  Cut a strip of cardboard that is wider than the height of your cheesecake and wrap the cardboard around the cheesecake.  Then you wrap the whole cheesecake with stretch wrap.  For extra protection you can place it in a white gift [K3]  about the size of the cheesecake.  Now you need to prepare the shipping container.

Shipping container

You should purchase a sturdy mailing box and a sheet of half inch foam. The box should be as high as two layers of foam and the cheesecake.  The radius of the cheesecake should match the diagonal measurement of the box. You lay one layer of foam in the bottom of the box.  The baker loads the cheesecake in the box and then places the other foam pad on the top of the box.  After closing up the box it becomes time to label the box. The label also aids in getting the cheesecake safely to the receiver.

Safety Label

The shipper places the mail label on the top of the box.  Write on the box or place with a label that says keep this side up and fragile.  The final step assures the shipper that the box is well sealed. 

The shipper choice helps guarantee safe arrival.  Discuss with the shipper how the package will be handled. 






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