Rockin’ quick and easy steak sauces

Rockin’ quick and easy steak sauces

Steak lovers around the world will agree that if it’s a great steak, it doesn’t need a sauce, or maybe at the very most just some steak spice and maybe a little A1 sauce. But there are times when the experience can be brought up a notch or two with the addition of a sumptuous, quick and easy steak sauce.

These sauces work best with sirloin or strip loin steaks because they are uniform in texture, but it can be added to any steak; rib eye, t-bone, wing, with delicious results.

The 30-second steak sauce

This technique has good results only if you’ve already added some spices, salt and pepper to your grilling steak in the fry pan. The reason for this is because the residual steak juices are of key importance to this sauce.

Onions, fresh garlic, mushrooms, and/or green peppers are all great contributors to this sauce, but it also works with just a good quality steak.


Makes just over 1 cup

1/2 cup of warm water
1/4 cup red wine
1/2 cup of beef broth (can be optional if steak was well-spiced)
Preferred spices (if desired) – a few shakes of each
Salt and/or pepper to taste

Once the steak is seared on both sides and cooked at a medium-high heat, it should be removed from the pan to rest and keep warm. Now sauté the vegetables lightly.

Remove any of the vegetables (if using). Keep at a relatively high heat.

To the still sizzling pan, add about 3 oz. of water and/or red wine. The pan will sizzle further and de-glaze.

At this point, a few ounces of beef broth can be added or just more water. Spices such as thyme, sage, garlic powder and/or even a dollop of bottled steak sauce will only add more taste to this sauce.

Bring it up to a sizzle again. It’s ready now to pour over the steak, making an “au jus” thin sauce.

*Note- if a thicker sauce is desired, 1-2 tbsp. of corn starch or wheat flour, pre- mixed with cold water, can be added as it sizzles!

Mushroom gravy

The queen of steak sauces and gravies, this sauce will triumph whether the steak is barbecued or grilled. Make it in the sauté pan that cooked the steak, or by itself, to be poured over freshly grilled steak. Either way it’s delicious!


1 tbsp. butter
A splash of olive oil
1 cup of sliced mushrooms (mix the varieties if desired)
1/4 cup of sliced or diced onions (optional)
1/2 tsp. of dry mustard
1/2-1 tsp. of ground thyme
1/4 cup red wine
1/2 cup to 1 cup beef broth
A good ounce or two of table or 18% cream
1 1/2- 2 tbsp. cornstarch or wheat flour
1 ounce or two of cold water
Salt & pepper to taste

Simply add the butter, a splash of olive oil and the cleaned, sliced mushrooms and/or sliced onions to a sauté pan.

Once the butter is just bubbling, and the vegetables are browned a bit, add the red wine. Allow these to blend merrily for a while and then add about 1/2 cup of beef broth. Let it all come to a boil.

Now mix the cornstarch or wheat flour in the cold water and whisk well till smooth. Slowly add to the sauce. Bring it all to a boil again and add thyme, dry mustard or whatever spices you prefer.

To upscale this sauce and really make it sinful, add the real cream. Salt and pepper to taste. (If too thick, add a bit more water or broth). Excellent and impressive!

Chimichurri sauce

Originating in Argentina, chimichurri sauce is a  zesty accompaniment for grilled steak. It adds a pop of flavor to each and every bite. A quality blender is needed for this recipe.


(Makes about 1 cup)

2-3 cloves garlic
About 2 cups fresh flat Italian parsley or coriander
1/3 cup fresh oregano or 3 tsp. of ground oregano
3-4 fresh basil leaves or 1 tsp. dried basil
1/2-1 tsp. chili or red pepper flakes
1-2  shallots finely chopped
1/4 cup red wine vinegar

1/2 cup olive oil
Salt & pepper to taste
A good squeeze of lemon or lime

Toss all the dry ingredients in the blender and pulse until well blended. Add oil and red wine vinegar and lemon. Blend again until fairly smooth. It’s now ready to enjoy!

All these quick and easy sauces are mouth-watering and add generously to the already superb experience of good steak. As they are sauces, they pair very well with either garlic mashed potatoes, or frites, as a happy side.



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