Review of Denmarks Tuborg Gold Lager

Review of Denmarks Tuborg Gold Lager

Once upon a time, in the dark ages of imported and craft brewed beer, there were only two places that produced any significant amount of lager. The insipid, watery lagers came from North America. The better lagers came from western Europe. Holland, Germany, Belgium, and the Czech Republic were the wellsprings from which good lager sprang. Today however, you can get lagers of varying degrees of quality from all across the globe.

Today lagers come from as far afield as Denmark, Turkey, and Asia. Produced by the Carlsberg Group, Tuborg Gold is one such lager both produced and available across the globe. Tuborg’s history dates back to 1826 when Christen Jacobsen established his first brewery in Copenhagen in 1826. When Christen died in 1835 his son JC Jacobsen took over management of the brewery, inheriting the business with his mother’s passing in 1844. In 1845, JC studied German brewing techniques, after which he began brewing the lagers sweeping Europe at the time.

In 1847 Jacobsen founded the Carlsberg brewery so he could keep up with demand for his new lager. Despite being forced to rebuild the brewery after it being destroyed in a fire, it wasn’t long before Carlsberg was exporting its products. As refrigeration and transportation technologies improved, Carlsberg expanded its exports as far away as the Americas and the tropics. Then, in 1972 Carlsberg and Tuborg brewing merged and began establishing breweries around the world.

Today, Tuborg is produced in breweries around the world as far afield as Turkey and Asia. Now, with the acquisition of Scottish & Newcastle Carlsberg is one of the world’s major producers and distributors of ale and lager. Tuborg Pure Gold is a well carbonated straw colored lager. Head is fluffy and white, but not long lasting. As it recedes, head leaves a thin cap of foam on top of the glass.

Aroma starts off bready, somewhat like soda crackers. Center gives aromas of corn reminiscent of American lagers. Finish gives a bit of hop character, coming out in the form of grassiness. The best that can be said about Tuborg’s aroma is that it lacks significant flaws. Chief problem is, it’s too simple and straightforward, and lacking in character as well.

Tuborg’s body and mouthfeel skew somewhat towards medium bodied. As with the aroma, flavor starts out grainy and only slightly bready. Graininess moves into a slightly rounded center which unfortunately isn’t long lasting. Rounded center moves all too quickly into a finish that is dry and lasting. Flavor and mouthfeel are very straightforward.

Overall, Tuborg Pure Gold gets a 5.3 out of 10. The beer’s main problem is it doesn’t have any of a good lager’s character and flavor. What flavors and aromas do present here seem to spend as much time clashing as trying to blend and harmonize. Thankfully, there are better lagers on the market.



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