Reader of the Week: Alexis Tomrell

Reader of the Week: Alexis Tomrell

She may only be nineteen, but she’s big in the street style scene. Her writing skills and eye for fashion are what made this Michigander a perfect fit for the Heartland’s holy grail of style blogs: The Midwasteland. When she’s not busy mingling with hip muses, or proving to us all that the Midwest’s style is truly underrated, she’s playing garage-rock gems on her local radio show, and seeking inspiration from the fashion blog CAT PARTY.

What sets your style blog apart from all the others?

Unlike the well-documented style of New York and Los Angeles, the Midwest had barely any representation in the fashion arena. Seeing this need, Monica Dimperio (the creator) made The Midwasteland’s goal to magnify the Midwest’s influential fashion and culture that has been ignored. Today, it is unique in that has become a one-stop destination for all news, trends, street style, and music fit to read about from the Midwest, specifically focusing on the larger cities of Chicago, Detroit, Madison, Minneapolis, and Omaha. Its namesake has made it identifiable to readers from the region and around the world.

Taking pictures of well-dressed Midwesterners looks fun, is there more to style hunting than meets the eye?

The Midwasteland’s staff and editor are writers and socialites who go to events, observe the crowd, and snap photos of those uniquely inspiring to a Midwest audience. I don’t think it is a job for just anyone with a camera. It takes experience, a trained eye, technical knowledge, and a natural ease with people. It’s something that happens in the flow of an event, where people are interested in what we do, and we are equally interested in them.

What style blogs are you addicted to?

My favorite style blogs are The Sartorialist and CAT PARTY. The Sartorialist constantly inspires me in my style choices. Their photographs, which are absolutely beautiful, really paint a global story for the viewers. Instead of solely focusing on say ‘NYC fashion’ they introduce their readers to the looks of fashion lovers around the world. I love CAT PARTY for its range of topics and cute obsessions. Although considered a fashion blog, it’s not afraid to talk about books and obscure expressions from the ‘60s and beyond. They just post what they like and adhere to nothing.

What do you do when you’re not surveying the streets for fresh fashions?

I host my own radio show for WXOU, Oakland University’s campus radio station. My show is called the Stereo Swindle, and I play bizarro garage-rock gems from the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s, but most of the time I just play anything that’s wild enough for Detroit. It’s an hour-long show on Thursday nights.

Any last word of fashion wisdom?

Walk wearing your best self. Fashion is the most dynamic physical expression, and can be taken seriously or jokingly. Don’t be afraid to take everything you love and wear it as art.



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