Is watery semen fluid bad?

Is watery semen fluid bad?

Is it bad if you have watery semen and you might have a question why is my semen watery? First off this question, you should know what color your semen is really. Commonly the color of men’s  semen is transparent or clear that we have seen it white color. Sometimes it will be grey or even yellow and this is normal that the semen will vary in color in most cases. In some case you will see it getting watery at times.

The semen will not get watery if in masturbation, since it comes out as fresh semen from the testicle. As we known, before the semen becomes more liquid, it is going through a clotting process. The semen will immediately become a sticky liquid after ejaculation, then it will get watery liquid after 5-40 minutes.

The color and thickness will be necessarily meaning to some problems, however, most of time it is normal. You can’t find any problem from the sample of semen with your naked eyes. If you need to do, try to collect for 4 days and see after 30 minutes then you will notice the semen will get to be watery. Most of them are yellow and watery and this is normal and the count of sperm is fine as well.

If you find your semen is watery all times it will be concern and it’s to recommend you to visit at your doctor’s office.



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