Finding the Dojo

Finding the Dojo

My creative block is lifting. I am finding the energy I stressed away over the last few years as it returns me to my proper balance. My discipline and enthusiasm are improving, my body is able to handle the new load with joy and power. I see those around me have a genuine interest in learning martial arts, and I can teach them. I can share my thoughts clearly and fluidly, without fear. I can teach by example and knowledge, not by hearsay. I do not need a master, or a style, or a black belt for that matter; I have all I need within me.
Supporting Actions:

I’ve been training myself more regularly, I’ve gotten out of that slump at least. I’ve been reading a lot too, and studying my own spirit. I recently ordered some more literature, specifically on running a martial arts school, and passing on knowledge in the dojo.
Background Information:

Martial arts are my life’s passion. My father doesn’t believe I can make a living teaching them, he said it’s like trying to become a rock star. Well I think he’s right, but that’s exactly why I feel I can be successful. In rock and roll, only those with a true passion and love for what they do will ever succeed. My life’s focus is the martial arts, and my whole life approach is vastly unique to nearly all the teachers I’ve met. Right now I’m trying to find a way to not only generate a modest amount of capital by teaching the martial arts (really a secondary goal), but also to alleviate my creative anxiety with not having anyone to share my passion with. I want to find those interested in martial arts, so I can learn right along with them.


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