Exercises For Double Chin

Exercises For Double Chin

Having a double chin is a very common problem that makes a person look unattractive. The fat is caused by loosening of platysma muscle and by the deposit of fat in this area. Platysma muscle helps you to move you jaw in upward and downward motion. There are some exercises that help in toning up this muscle. When these exercises are performed regularly, they will help in making this muscle tight and thus getting rid of this fat.

Before starting with exercises for double chin, there is another important aspect that needs to be remembered. You must maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle is the major contributor to this problem. Once you correct these habits, you will find that your double chin problem will also start disappearing with time. It is equally important to have a correct posture also. A person who keeps his head high while sitting or standing is automatically performing a chin exercise to make that muscle strong. So keep your head held high!

Now some easy exercises for fighting double chin:

•    Sit or stand in a relaxed way and open your mouth wide. Now take your tongue out, stay like this and slowly count till ten. Put the tongue back inside your mouth and relax. Repeat this exercise ten times everyday. It is one of the best exercises to make the platysma muscle strong.

•    For the next one, you need to again sit or stand and take your head slowly towards your chest. Keep your mouth closed, slowly start moving your head upwards and then take is back as much as you can. You will be able to feel the muscles stretching in your neck. In the same position count slowly till ten and then come back to normal position. It is very important to remember that you have to perform the exercise in a slow manner. Don’t use any jerky movement of you will end up injuring yourself. Do this exercise 2-3 times everyday.

•    In this exercise, you have to first stand and keep your head straight. Start taking your lower lip upwards and try to touch your nose. Even if you are unable to reach your nose, you try to take it as upwards as possible. Stay like this till the count of ten and do the same twice a day.

•    Another simple exercise involves moving your head backwards till you start feeling the pull. Stay in this position and keep opening and closing your mouth. This will again tone up the platysma muscle if you do it regularly at least two times in a day.

These are just few simple double chin exercises. There are many other exercises that can you get rid of your double chin. All these exercise have one major drawback: they have to be done regularly and they take a lot of time to start showing results.



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