Since this disease has not been confirmed by any medical authority and there is still no medical term for it, it raises certain concerns about the existence of this disease. However, there are images of it on the Internet (which we don’t recommend you to look for) and therefore we have decided to make a […]

During taking a hormonal birth control pill, the occasional and irregular bleeding or spotting appears. We call such phenomenon Breakthrough Bleeding. At the beginning of taking, breakthrough bleeding appears commonly. It will generally stop after using two to six months. If breaking-through will appear, it is decided by your pills brand, taking methods as well […]

Fantasies of having your own family and becoming a mother are usually a dream of every woman. Because it is in this career, a woman can carry out her purpose in this world. Yes, women can have there own career and everything but we cannot change the fact that they are the ones who will […]

Tattoo parlors and tattoo artists use a wide selection of tattoo supplies to ensure getting their job  done to the best of their ability. While tattooing can be done with as little as a needle and pen ink, or in ancient cultures, natural pigments and a sharp tooth, these methods can be unsafe, more painful […]

If you have a white tongue, probability you have a bad breath. bad breath can be caused by many reasons, white tongue is one of they. Here we provide you some information on white coating on tongue causes and how to clear, finally cure your bad breath. White tongue causes (Picture of white coated tongue) Sulfurous […]

Is it bad if you have watery semen and you might have a question why is my semen watery? First off this question, you should know what color your semen is really. Commonly the color of men’s  semen is transparent or clear that we have seen it white color. Sometimes it will be grey or […]

“Argghhh!! I want to get rid of this cough but I don’t want to go to the doctor! I hate pills!” Worry not my friend! If you already know what causes your dry cough, then it will be easy to identify the cure for your condition. If the symptoms are low to mild, you can […]

Developing a double chin is just one of the many common signs we are getting older. As we age, our skin becomes less elastic than it once was due to a decreasing amount of collagen and elastin. Carrying a little extra weight on our bodies can also be a cause of this sometimes embarrassing facial […]

One of the most frustrating medical problems to face is constipation. While it is generally not dangerous, it can make getting through the day uncomfortable and sometime constipation can cause headaches too. There are many great over the counter and prescription medications that can help you get through the problem, but if you just have […]

Many people today are trying to find a way to get rid of hemorrhoids, and more and more people are turning to a hemorrhoid home remedy for the answer. Hemorrhoids causes symptoms such as burning, itching and bleeding and can be extremely painful. Hemorrhoids occur when the veins around your anus become swollen, often due […]

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