Oolong tea can cause a person’s serum uric acid to increase causing health problems. Foods, people eat, can either raise or lower uric acid. Doctors use a test to measure serum uric acid to determine whether a person’s uric acid is too high or too low or just right. Caffeine increases uric acid. Purines Purines […]

In the middle of summer, few beer styles can beat the raw refreshing power of a crisp, clean lager. Whether sitting around the campfire, hanging out on the patio, or having finished mowing the lawn, lager is most people’s go-to beer. Given how refreshing lager can be, it’s no wonder the style dominates the world’s […]

Making pumpkin beer is an art that can enjoyed by the masses. There’s no standardized style for brewing pumpkin ale, making it possible for everyone to experiment with their own creativity and skills to craft a masterful brew that will be the talk of any gathering. Pumpkin beer recipes are as numerous as the spices […]

This is a great time to be a beer lover in Alberta. So many new beers are on store shelves compared to ten years ago. As a result of which, there are dozens of beers available from around north America. Not only that but there are beers from Canadian craft beer makers that weren’t available […]

Once upon a time, in the dark ages of imported and craft brewed beer, there were only two places that produced any significant amount of lager. The insipid, watery lagers came from North America. The better lagers came from western Europe. Holland, Germany, Belgium, and the Czech Republic were the wellsprings from which good lager […]

Here’s today’s question. Can a brewery produce more than a million barrels of beer annually and still be considered a craft brewery? According to Jim Koch, founder and chairman of the Boston Beer Company the answer is yes. Two million barrels is a long way from Jim Koch making beer in his kitchen. Seeing how […]

Lovers of fine, refreshing beverages are living in a golden age when it comes to the availability of great beer. For one thing, there are so many North American breweries making truly world class beers. What makes today even better is the production of seasonal beers by the world’s breweries. Many North American breweries have […]

There’s a trend among the world’s brewers to license the making of their beers to breweries well outside their country of origin. This makes a certain level of sense when you think about it. After all, why pay to ship your beer all the way from Europe to north American when you can just hire […]

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