Yes, restaurants should indeed be required to list calories and grams of fat on their menus. Unfortunately, in today’s world the goal for almost all businesses now is to make as much money as possible while spending as little as possible with absolutely no regard for the ultimate results for their customers. That’s not to […]

Berlin is one of my favourite cities to visit ; a vibrant city offering history, culture, art and nightlife. A sprawling metropolis packed with towering flat blocks, roads of exquisite shops and boutiques, cinemas, theatres, museums – everything you could ever wish to see packed into this great city, not forgetting a plethora of restaurants. […]

Should cell phones be banned in restaurants? Well lets just take a quick look at the facts. First of all why was the cell phone invented? The whole reason for its being is to make life easier for people in order to keep in communication with other people without the hassle of trying to find […]

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