Steak lovers around the world will agree that if it’s a great steak, it doesn’t need a sauce, or maybe at the very most just some steak spice and maybe a little A1 sauce. But there are times when the experience can be brought up a notch or two with the addition of a sumptuous, quick […]

To roll or not too roll, that is the question. There is no doubt that oats are an extremely popular and versatile food source. They can grow in harsher conditions than other crops and contain many vital nutrients and vitamins and harbour a whole host of health benefits. The health benefits that you can expect […]

Red Leicester is an English cheese that is made in a similar manner to cheddar although it is slightly crumblier, thus it is a cheese that makes a nice addition to virtually any salad when grated.             The wonderful image of Leicester’s favourite dairy product is unmistakable. Melting beautifully and adding colour to any […]

Scott’s Porage Oats were a familiar feature of my childhood, and have always stuck in my memory, partly because of the very distinctive scotsman in his kilt on the packet, and partly because I tried to spell porridge in a spelling test at the age of nine the way they do on the packet (porage) […]

Zucchini is an amazing squash that not only has health benefits, but is versatile in recipes. It is good as appetizers, main dishes and desserts. The following information shows the health benefits of zucchini, tips and how-to information for ways to store excess zucchini, and recipes that use zucchini as the main ingredient. Health Benefits […]

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