Who doesn’t love good old-fashioned home-made pie? For all those pie enthusiasts out there, it is no secret that the defining element of a pie that can make or break it is, of course, the crust.  Rolling out the perfect pie crust starts with the perfect homemade pie crust recipe. The right recipe can leave […]

If anyone is baffled about silicone bakeware, there are three points to research: the history, the reasons to buy (hype) and things to watch out for (truth). Silicone? I’m pretty sure there are some silicone bakeware in my own kitchen. However, it never occurred to me to research this new trend in cooking. *History French […]

In addition to protecting non-stick cookware, using a wooden spoon or spatula lends a certain cachet to the chef that no other accessory can impart. But unless you’re prepared to shell out some dough, most of the wooden utensils you can buy will be made of soft wood with a rough grain. You can improve […]

Today most people who own any form of silver normally have it on display, away from sticky fingers, and although silver items may be expensive, they need to be used. Left on display, or hidden away, and they will start to lose their appealing looks. A tarnish will start to build up, and  a discolouration […]

Shipping a Cheesecake A gift of a homemade cheesecake offers a baker to give a gift of them.  If you live in the same town you can carry the cheesecake in a cake carrier, but if you want to mail or ship a solvable solution exists. Extra Gift You can give an extra gift with […]

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