Bad Breath Caused by White Tongue

Bad Breath Caused by White Tongue

If you have a white tongue, probability you have a bad breath. bad breath can be caused by many reasons, white tongue is one of they. Here we provide you some information on white coating on tongue causes and how to clear, finally cure your bad breath.

White tongue causes

white coated tongue pictures
(Picture of white coated tongue)
  • Sulfurous compounds

This is one of the most common reasons for white tongue, and which is far less serious. The white tongue could merely be the build-up of sulfurous compounds created by bacteria. The bacteria live beneath the surface of the tongue and excrete these compounds. This ends up causing bad breath. The majority of bad breath cases come from bacteria, and the majority of the bacteria cases come from the tongue. The good news is that in this situation white tongue can be easily taken care of and prevented. Brushing the tongue twice a day when brushing the teeth will prevent new bacteria growth. Some people need much more extreme measures. In these cases, white tongue can be removed with a tongue scraper.

  • Oral thrush

This is very common in newborn babies and not so common with adults. Nevertheless, thrush is a fungal infection. It is the abundance of a fungus named Candida. Everyone has Candida in their mouths; it’s just that people with thrush just have too much. Many times white tongue happens when people have weakened immune systems and the acidity in the mouth becomes unbalanced.

  • Chronic disease of body

In Chinese medicine, the tongue is used as an indicator to the state of the body’s health. A dry, white tongue can mean there is something going on in the body that shouldn’t. It doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong with the mouth specifically.

How to clear white tongue ?

1. The white tongue  may be formed due to dehydration! If you aren’t drinking a sufficient amount of water, it is quite probable that tiny pieces of food are sticking with your tongue! Just drinking more and more water will cure this situation. Therefore, drinking large amount of water assists you very much when it comes to the white coating of the tongue.

2. To prevent white coating of your tongue you should avoid soy milk which is definitely one of its root causes.

3. Clean your tongue with a tongue scraper. Be certain that you have cleaned the end position of your tongue where in most of the cases microbes survive. Be cautious and don’t rub too hard the initial time.

4. Make an effort to brush your tongue with a combination of baking soda, 3% hydrogen peroxide and water. Don’t try it for a long time; otherwise your tongue might get raw.

5. Ideally, it’s best to leave the toothpaste on the surface of your tongue, while you brush your teeth normally.



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