Since this disease has not been confirmed by any medical authority and there is still no medical term for it, it raises certain concerns about the existence of this disease. However, there are images of it on the Internet (which we don’t recommend you to look for) and therefore we have decided to make a little research and try to find out what exactly is the Blue Waffles disease. Although there is yet to prove the existence of this disease it had a very positive effect on raising the awareness of sexually transmitted diseases in young people.

What is Blue Waffles Disease?

According to Health-Guidances, the condition is a sexually transmitted disease which is characterized by an infection of the vaginal area which in some cases can cause a change in the color to bluish. This is actually where this disease got its name from – the change of the colour is mainly to blue and the word waffle is actually a slang phrase which indicates the vagina. It generally affects women of all ages, especially the ones who change their sex partners frequently..

What Causes The Blue Waffles Disease?

There are many causes which can trigger the disease and they can be either bacteria, viruses or other microorganisms, or the reason can be an irritation of the vaginal area. Stress and poor hygiene are also possible causes.

What are the symptoms?

As the name suggests the main symptom, although it doesn’t appear all the times, is change in the color of the vaginal area. The change can also be caused by the increased vaginal discharge. It has been noted that the vaginal discharge can have a very bad smell. Since some sources claim that the Blue Waffles Disease is actually a neglected case of vaginitis we believe that the symptoms may be similar. According to that, the symptoms are:

  • A change in the colour of the vaginal area
  • The vagina has a very bad smell
  • Itching sensation
  • Painful sensation and burning during urination
  • The vulva is irritated and can be painful and itchy
  • Painful sexual intercourse

As you may notice all the symptoms we have listed are generally the same for all STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) but we strongly recommend you to consult your doctor if:

  • you feel pain in your lower abdomen and the symptoms we have already mentioned
  • you notice irregular bleeding along with the symptoms listed above
  • there was a chance for you to get infected and you feel the above mentioned symptoms

How to Diagnose?

Visit your doctor and do all the necessary lab tests in order to verify that you have been infected and what exactly you are suffering from. There is no need to panic about a possible Blue Waffle infection before you get the results. The lab tests don’t have to worry you as well since they include urine test, blood test, and test of the vaginal discharge.

How to Treat?

When we start with the treatment our main goal is to eliminate the causes. It is important to avoid sexual intercourse during the treatment and it will be good to have your partner tested as well. In this case you will prevent re-infection or spreading the infection in case your partner is infected too. We can say that various causes require different treatments. And they can vary from antibiotics, vaginal tablets or inserts, to avoiding the cause of the irritation.

Before starting with the treatment always consult your doctor and don’t do things on your own. This will save you from the dangers of a wrong treatment. And also if the cause is a virus, antibiotics won’t help you and they will help the bacteria become resistant to antibiotics which can cause problems in the treatment of some other infections.

Soon after starting with the treatment the symptoms will start to disappear. In some cases the symptoms may disappear without treatment, but it is not recommended to just sit and wait because it may lead to some severe health complications if we have made the wrong diagnosis. One important thing you have to have in mind during any treatment is that you shouldn’t stop your treatment the moment you start feeling well. If you stop the treatment before your doctor ordered, the infection may appear again and it will be much harder to treat it again.

How to Prevent?

Prevention is the best protection. The following tips will help you prevent the Blue Waffles Disease and any other sexually transmitted disease.

  • Being in a steady relationship and practicing safe sex is highly advised
  • Take care of your personal hygiene. This means you should wash yourself every day using warm water and mild soap, and wear cotton underwear and change it every day.
  • Avoid using scented soaps and hot water.
  • Frequent douching has to be avoided. If you have to douche; once a moth is enough
  • Make sure your genital area is dry
  • Use anti-yeast creams when you use antibiotics.
  • Use deodorant‐free tampons and toilet paper to avoid irritation
  • In case you notice that your vaginal discharge has changed its volume, colour, or smell, contact your doctor

During taking a hormonal birth control pill, the occasional and irregular bleeding or spotting appears. We call such phenomenon Breakthrough Bleeding. At the beginning of taking, breakthrough bleeding appears commonly. It will generally stop after using two to six months. If breaking-through will appear, it is decided by your pills brand, taking methods as well as your body status.In other words, your fast or slow metabolizes hormones especially your estrogen decide bleeding phenomenon.Either preventing pregnancy by taking birth control or adjust period can lead to appear breakthrough bleeding.

breakthrough bleeding

For example, withdraw bleeding is not related to your menstrual period, because the hormones quantities of birth control lead to breakthrough bleeding. Considering breakthrough bleeding as a kind of adjustment tool. It occurs when your body is on the situation of adjusting hormone amount in birth control. Surely, the method you’re taking also decides pattern of breakthrough bleeding.

Breakthrough bleeding seemed a kind of nuisance for your body. Actually it can not lead to any unhealthy diseases. You can imagine that your irregular bleeding might be a medical matter if you are not taking any hormonal birth control pills.But if it occurs during taking, it can be judged as an expected effect.If you stop taking, it will change to be more worse.

Fantasies of having your own family and becoming a mother are usually a dream of every woman. Because it is in this career, a woman can carry out her purpose in this world. Yes, women can have there own career and everything but we cannot change the fact that they are the ones who will bear the children of the next generation.

Marriage is not a game. If you do not want the personality of your spouse or if he/she has a bad attitude that you discovered after the celebration of your marriage then you are bound to the contract you have signed and to the promise that you made with each other and that is for better or for worse you will still be there for each other. But, marriage is not that bad at all. It also has its own affirmative side. You can assure that someone will grow old with you and that someone accepts you for who you are. You will make your own family. Raise your own children, teach them the right things and the things that can harm them, protect them and make them a good citizen of the country.

Married woman raise there children based on the advice of there own mothers. How they are raised, what to do if something comes up or if the children feel something bad, or how to discipline are just few of the hundred lessons that a new mother should bear into her mind. But before that, In order to know if a woman will be having a child is by a pregnancy test, through this you can know if you are fertile or not with the positive pregnancy test. Can you take a pregnancy test while on your period is a question one should know the answer. Basically, when a woman is having her period it is a sign that she is not pregnant. To know if one is not pregnant or not, the test should be done when the period is over to get reliable result.

A baby is the fruit of your love with each other. Having your own baby is a blessing to each family and its presence brings joy to everyone. You will pass everything to them and they are your successors.

Tattoo parlors and tattoo artists use a wide selection of tattoo supplies to ensure getting their job  done to the best of their ability. While tattooing can be done with as little as a needle and pen ink, or in ancient cultures, natural pigments and a sharp tooth, these methods can be unsafe, more painful and produce lower quality results. Here are some of the many tattoo supplies that are necessary for the tattooing process.

Tattoo machines

Tattoo machines, often called tattoo guns, are the actual devices that enable a tattoo artist to perform his craft. There are many different components to a tattoo machine. These include the tattoo needles themselves, which are soldered onto the needle tube, which is where the tattoo artist holds the tattoo machine. Tattoo machines are connected to a power source which regulates the amount of power it receives and a foot pedal to turn that tattoo machine on and off.

Tattoo inks

tattoo infection image

Autoclaves, sterilization equipment and medical supplies

These are essential tattoo supplies for every legitimate tattoo parlor. An autoclave is a device that sterilizes and cleans equipment such as the needle tubes using high pressure and steam. Once needles have been used once there should be a designated hazards bin, often very similar to those in a medial office, where they are placed and disposed of. 

Other sterilization tattoo supplies that you will see include rubbing alcohol and liquid soaps that should be applied to your skin in the area that will be tattooed. Additionally, basic medical kits fall into the range of basic tattoo supplies that should be available. These include gauze and bandages for taking care of your tattoo once it is finished, gloves to be worn during the tattooing process, as well as other disinfectants, lubricants and cleaners.

These include only a portion of the tattoo supplies that every tattoo parlor will have on hand. Unless you have all of these items at your disposal (or if you do but are still untrained in the art) it is of course unwise to try to perform a tattoo on yourself. Without all of these tattoo supplies, and others, such as an ultrasonic, the tattooing process can be painful and dangerous.

If you have a white tongue, probability you have a bad breath. bad breath can be caused by many reasons, white tongue is one of they. Here we provide you some information on white coating on tongue causes and how to clear, finally cure your bad breath.

White tongue causes

white coated tongue pictures
(Picture of white coated tongue)
  • Sulfurous compounds

This is one of the most common reasons for white tongue, and which is far less serious. The white tongue could merely be the build-up of sulfurous compounds created by bacteria. The bacteria live beneath the surface of the tongue and excrete these compounds. This ends up causing bad breath. The majority of bad breath cases come from bacteria, and the majority of the bacteria cases come from the tongue. The good news is that in this situation white tongue can be easily taken care of and prevented. Brushing the tongue twice a day when brushing the teeth will prevent new bacteria growth. Some people need much more extreme measures. In these cases, white tongue can be removed with a tongue scraper.

  • Oral thrush

This is very common in newborn babies and not so common with adults. Nevertheless, thrush is a fungal infection. It is the abundance of a fungus named Candida. Everyone has Candida in their mouths; it’s just that people with thrush just have too much. Many times white tongue happens when people have weakened immune systems and the acidity in the mouth becomes unbalanced.

  • Chronic disease of body

In Chinese medicine, the tongue is used as an indicator to the state of the body’s health. A dry, white tongue can mean there is something going on in the body that shouldn’t. It doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong with the mouth specifically.

How to clear white tongue ?

1. The white tongue  may be formed due to dehydration! If you aren’t drinking a sufficient amount of water, it is quite probable that tiny pieces of food are sticking with your tongue! Just drinking more and more water will cure this situation. Therefore, drinking large amount of water assists you very much when it comes to the white coating of the tongue.

2. To prevent white coating of your tongue you should avoid soy milk which is definitely one of its root causes.

3. Clean your tongue with a tongue scraper. Be certain that you have cleaned the end position of your tongue where in most of the cases microbes survive. Be cautious and don’t rub too hard the initial time.

4. Make an effort to brush your tongue with a combination of baking soda, 3% hydrogen peroxide and water. Don’t try it for a long time; otherwise your tongue might get raw.

5. Ideally, it’s best to leave the toothpaste on the surface of your tongue, while you brush your teeth normally.

Is it bad if you have watery semen and you might have a question why is my semen watery? First off this question, you should know what color your semen is really. Commonly the color of men’s  semen is transparent or clear that we have seen it white color. Sometimes it will be grey or even yellow and this is normal that the semen will vary in color in most cases. In some case you will see it getting watery at times.

The semen will not get watery if in masturbation, since it comes out as fresh semen from the testicle. As we known, before the semen becomes more liquid, it is going through a clotting process. The semen will immediately become a sticky liquid after ejaculation, then it will get watery liquid after 5-40 minutes.

The color and thickness will be necessarily meaning to some problems, however, most of time it is normal. You can’t find any problem from the sample of semen with your naked eyes. If you need to do, try to collect for 4 days and see after 30 minutes then you will notice the semen will get to be watery. Most of them are yellow and watery and this is normal and the count of sperm is fine as well.

If you find your semen is watery all times it will be concern and it’s to recommend you to visit at your doctor’s office.

“Argghhh!! I want to get rid of this cough but I don’t want to go to the doctor! I hate pills!”

Worry not my friend! If you already know what causes your dry cough, then it will be easy to identify the cure for your condition. If the symptoms are low to mild, you can try treating yourself at home. Here are some remedies you can try at home:

  • Raw Onions: Finely chop one onion and extract its juice. Mix one teaspoon of onion juice with one teaspoon of honey. Allow the mixture to sit for four to five hours, as it will create an effective cough syrup that should be taken two times per day. If you are battling a cold, you should know that the onions also work to remove phlegm when combined with lemon and boiling water.
  • Salt Gargle: Gargle away your dry cough with a tea spoon of salt in lukewarm water.
  • Oregano: Boil it in hot water, filter it and drink it to get fast relief.
  • Green Tea with Honey: Add a tea spoon of honey to your green tea and feel the relief.
  • Ginger Tea: Boil the ginger in a pot of boiling water before you include it with the tea leaves. Lastly, put in a pinch of pepper along with three to four basil leaves. Drink hot for soothing relief.

There are just few of the many home remedies for dry cough that you can find. If you want more information, check out the list below:

Developing a double chin is just one of the many common signs we are getting older. As we age, our skin becomes less elastic than it once was due to a decreasing amount of collagen and elastin. Carrying a little extra weight on our bodies can also be a cause of this sometimes embarrassing facial feature.

This problem doesn’t have to be a permanent one as there are several ways to tighten the skin under your chin. All you have to do it make adjustments to your lifestyle and you’ll have a good-looking chin in no time. Below are three tips you need to follow in order for this to happen.

1. Eating a Healthy Diet

If your daily diet consists of cheeseburgers, chips, cookies, crackers, soda, candy, or any sort of junk food, then the cause of your double chin may very well be the result of what you consume. Not only are processed foods bad for your weight, but they also have a huge negative impact on your health and skin.

Start eating fresh, organic foods such as fruits and vegetables. Drink only water or unsweetened tea to keep the skin hydrated and firm. You’ll see a difference in the health of your skin and weight in a matter of weeks.

2. More Exercise!

Exercise for reducing a double chin is just as important as your diet. Consistent physical activity will burn that extra fat and tighten all areas of the skin, chin included! There are exercises that are specific to the chin and neck such as the double chin workout. To do this exercise, start by standing in a comfortable position.

Tilt your head back as far as you can without straining it. Open and close your mouth using your lower jaw. You should feel your neck muscles being stretched as you close your mouth. Hold the closed position for several seconds and repeat. Cardio and strength training exercises should also be done to get the most out of exercising.

3. Apply A Good Quality Cream

Since a double chin is a common problem, many remedies have been created to counter it. Make sure you research a product before purchasing so you know exactly what ingredients are being applied to your skin. Creams that advertise the use of plant extracts tend to work better than those that do not.  Key words to look for in a product include yeast extract, aloe vera extract, hyaluronic acid, and soy protein. Good products will increase the elastin and collagen produced which will tighten the skin and keep it healthy.

By implementing the changes above and applying the right product, you will surely get rid of that sagging chin. Make sure to keep up with those healthy habits to keep the skin tight and healthy for the rest of your life.

More ways to lose double chin –

One of the most frustrating medical problems to face is constipation. While it is generally not dangerous, it can make getting through the day uncomfortable and sometime constipation can cause headaches too. There are many great over the counter and prescription medications that can help you get through the problem, but if you just have the occasional bout, you may prefer to try a home remedy and solve the problem naturally.

Three remedies for constipation

  1. Eat plenty of fiber and at least 6 ounces of grains a day. Eating enough grains is one of the best ways to insure you stay regular. Many people who attempt to maintain a low carbohydrate diet for any significant time find that they have trouble staying regular and face the hassles of constipation. Fiber is vitally important to help the body process waste.
  2. Try adding to your diet. While you do not want to overdo the oils, they are a proven cure for constipation because they lubricate the intestine. Choose an oil such as vegetable or safflower oil and consider taking a spoonful after dinner. If you do this, you may want to cut back on butter or other fats in your diet.
  3. Drink enough water. Not drinking enough water is one of the most common causes of constipation. Make sure you are drinking enough to properly digest the food you eat. If you aren’t drinking enough, your body will try to hold on to what it has anyway it can, this leads to constipation.

These are just a few of the ways you can fight constipation naturally. Consider these ideas, before you turn to medications. However, if you have lingering problems you may wish to consult a doctor or try something developed to solve the problem.  I hope this post was helpful and if it did help in any way be sure to leave a comment, tweet about it, and share it with your friends.

Many people today are trying to find a way to get rid of hemorrhoids, and more and more people are turning to a hemorrhoid home remedy for the answer. Hemorrhoids causes symptoms such as burning, itching and bleeding and can be extremely painful. Hemorrhoids occur when the veins around your anus become swollen, often due to excessive staining.

What causes hemorrhoids?

  1. Weak veins in the rectal area: this can be a result from pregnancy and obesity.
  2. Bad eating habits: eating a lot of processed food and lack of fiber rich food like fruits, vegetables and beans.
  3. Excessive straining when trying to use the bathroom.
  4. Sitting for an extended period of time every day.
  5. Poor circulatory system.
  6. Severe constipation.
  7. Pregnancy and childbirth.
  8. Lifting heavy weights.
  9. Being Obese.

Ways to get rid of hemorrhoids:

Herbs can play an important role not only in curing, but also in preventing hemorrhoids. There are many hemorrhoids home remedies that can help you get rid of this problem as well:

  • Emu oil: apply on the affected area to reduce the pain and discomfort.
  • Witch hazel: apply about 3 times a day to reduce the bleeding and swelling.
  • Aloe Vera for its soothing effect.
  • Vitamin E oil can also bring pain relief.
  • Butcher’s broom for its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Sitz baths: fill a small tub with hot water and sit for about 10-15 minutes at twice a day. Essential oils such as lavender, juniper and geranium can also help alleviate the symptoms.

A balanced diet is also very important. Try to eat more fiber rich foods like vegetables and fruits and avoid alcohol and junk food. There are many effective natural treatments that can help you cure this painful condition, without paying for surgery or having to worry about harmful side effects. Have a hemorrhoid home remedy? Share it, make a comment below and join our community.

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